ACHEMA 2024 Round Up

    Vapourtec exhibition stand at Achema 2024

    Once again, ACHEMA didn’t disappoint. This year, 2,842 exhibitors from 56 countries presented their products and services to 106,001 participants from 141 countries and we were proud to be among them. ACHEMA continues to be one of the largest events in the industry – at a massive 100,000 square meters of net exhibition space!

    We were excited to be part of the flow chemistry pavilion which brought together 30+ companies working in flow chemistry and included a 2-day symposium in which our very own Victorie Laude presented a talk on “Production Scale-up of Peptides & API Scaffolds in Continuous Flow”. The talk was extremely well received and generated many visits to our booth to discuss Fast-Flow SPPS.

    Back at the booth, we showcased our extensive range of flow chemistry systems, including:
    • Our flagship R-Series, a highly modular flow chemistry system with an autosampler suitable for library synthesis, peptide synthesis and even oligonucleotide synthesis
    • Our E-Series system is ideal for getting started with flow chemistry
    • Our wide range of photochemistry tools, including the UV-150 photochemical reactor of which we have installed 300 units over the last 9 years! The UV-150 photochemical reactor has different light source options: low pressure mercury, medium pressure mercury and LEDs
    • Our new flow CSTR reactors, as well as the photochemical version
    • Our uniquely versatile laboratory pumps, the SF-10 and the heated version SF-10+, featuring heated inlet tubes, pump head and outlet tubes

    In addition to the above, we also exhibited some of our larger scale offerings, such as the 35 mm VBFR reactor for peptide synthesis from 0.5 to 5 mmol scale and one of the reactors from our PS-30 pilot scale synthesiser scale – range 2 mmol to 30 mmol. To top off the substantial range of equipment on display, we took along our prototype pilot scale 250 ml heated tubular reactor. The feedback received from this was extremely positive and welcoming.

    ACHEMA is always a great opportunity to meet new people, network, and learn from other exhibitors. We also enjoy catching up with international distributors who we don’t get to see as often as we would like.

    We are already looking forward to ACHEMA 2027.


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