Visible‐Light‐Mediated Cross‐Couplings and C–H Activation via Dual Photoredox/Transition‐Metal Catalysis in Continuous‐Flow Processes

    • Soo Dong Kim
    • Jonghyun Lee
    • Nam-Jung Kim
    • Boyoung Park
    • Kyung Hee University, Department of Pharmacy, Kyungheedaero 26, 02447 Seoul, Republic of Korea

    Here we review dual photoredox/transition‐metal catalysis for C–C/C–N cross‐couplings and C–H activation in continuous‐flow processes. Compared to conventional transition‐metal catalysis for these reactions, a visible‐light‐mediated synergistic catalysis enables the use of relatively mild and environmentally friendly reaction conditions by decreasing the activation energy and using a renewable energy source. However, photochemical transformations in batch processing have limitations such as reactivity, reaction time, substrate scope, and scalability due to light attenuation as represented by the Beer‐Lambert law. In this review article, we therefore summarize and discuss several examples of cross‐couplings and C–H activation in continuous‐flow processes that overcome these problems in batch processing.

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