Utilizing on‐and off‐line monitoring tools to follow a kinetic resolution step during flow synthesis

    Kathleen A. Farley, Usa Reilly, Dennis P. Anderson, Brian P. Boscoe, Mark W. Bundesmann, David A. Foley, Manjinder S. Lall, Chao Li, Matthew R. Reese, Jiangli Yan

    • Medicinal Sciences, Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development, Groton, CT, United States

    In situ reaction monitoring tools offer the ability to track the progress of a synthetic reaction in real time to facilitate reaction optimization and provide kinetic/mechanistic insight. Herein, we report the utilization of flow NMR, flow IR, and other off-line spectroscopy tools to monitor the progress of a flow chemistry reaction. The on-line and off-line tools were selected to facilitate the stereoselective kinetic resolution of a key racemic monomer, which lacked a chromophore, making conventional reaction monitoring difficult.

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