Two-Step Continuous-Flow Synthesis of 6-Membered Cyclic Iodonium Salts via Anodic Oxidation

    • Julian Spils1
    • Thomas Wirth2
    • Boris J. Nachtsheim1
    • 1Institute for Organic and Analytical Chemistry, University of Bremen, Leobener Straße 7, 28359 Bremen 2School of Chemistry, Cardiff University, Park Place, Main Building, Cardiff CF10 3AT (UK)

    A multi-step continuous-flow procedure for the generation of six-membered diaryliodonium salts was developed. This is a significant improvement of existing batch methods with regard to scalability and atom economy. The method uses easily accessible benzyl acetates in Friedel-Crafts-like alkylations while a subsequent anodic oxidative cyclization directly generates the corresponding cyclic iodonium salts.

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