The applications of organozinc reagents in continuous flow chemistry: Negishi coupling

    Roop Varghese Ruberta, Rony Rajan Paula

    • aDepartment of Chemistry, CMS College Kottayam, Kottayam, Kerala, 686001, India

    The design and implementation of flow technique helps organic chemists to resolve numerous challenges that are encountered during various catalytic reactions. Flow technologies, which offer solutions for technical and/or chemical issues, have gained popularity over the last two decades in the field of organic chemistry. The selectivity, efficiency, and safety of the entire process has been accelerated by flow reactors as they improve mass and heat transfer, speeds up the mixing of the reaction, and they offer exact control of the reaction parameters. This review mainly describes the utilization of flow chemistry in reactions involving organiozinc reagent, particularly Negishi coupling. The Negishi coupling of organozinc reagent is a valuable tool for the formation of C-C bond with functional group tolerance and are used extensively in total synthesis. This review also portrays a comparative study of organozinc reagents prepared using different procedures. A study of the effect of different catalysts over the same reaction is also carried out. An overview of different flow techniques that are employed has also been incorporated.

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