Synthesis of Benzothiazinones from Benzoyl Thiocarbamates: Application to Clinical Candidates for Tuberculosis Treatment

    • William Connorsa
    • Ryan DeKortea
    • Simon C. C. Lucasb
    • Ariamala Gopalsamyb
    • Robert E Zieglera
    • aAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP, Medicinal Chemistry, United States
    • bAstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP, Hit Discovery, United Kingdom

    Benzothiazinones are a structural motif found in biologically active compounds, such as the clinical candidates BTZ-043 and Macozinone for the treatment of tuberculosis. We describe a robust, two-step method to synthesize 2-amino-substituted benzothiazinones from benzoyl thiocarbamates, which were prepared in a one-pot procedure from benzoyl chlorides. The intramolecular cyclization and ethoxy displacement steps were also amenable to adoption in continuous flow as exemplified by select substrates.

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