Shining a Light on the Advances, Challenges and Realisation of Utilising Photoredox Catalysis in Pharmaceutical Development

    • Dr. Emily E. Callard-Langdona
    • Dr. Alan Stevena
    • Dr. Rachel J. Kahana
    • aCatSci Ltd, CBTC2, Capital Business Park, Wentloog, Cardiff, CF3 2PX UK

    Photoredox catalysis has advanced significantly over the last fifteen years, with improvements in technology facilitating implementation in both academic and industrial settings. Despite these advances, the uptake of photoredox catalysis in pharmaceutical development and manufacture has been slow, in part due to the challenge of developing a robust, transferable process. This perspective provides insight on the successes and difficulties encountered when applying photoredox catalysis to pharmaceutical development. It is hoped greater understanding of the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry will inform future research and encourage collaboration.

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