Selective Photochemical Continuous Flow Benzylic Monochlorination

    • Robbie Radjagobaloua
    • Miguel Imbrattab
    • Julie Bergraserb
    • Marion Gaudeaub
    • Gildas Lyvinecb
    • Dominique Delbrayelleb
    • Olivier Jentzerb
    • Jérémy Roudina
    • Benjamin Larochea
    • Stéphanie Ogniera
    • Michael Tatouliana
    • Janine Cossya
    • Pierre-Georges Echeverriab
    • aParis FLOW Tech − PSL, ENSCP, 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 75005, France
    • bMinakem Recherche, 145 Chemin des Lilas, Beuvry-La-Forêt 59310, France

    A selective photochemical monochlorination of 2-fluorotoluene has been developed by a continuous flow process using two different flow reactors, one for the tuning of the conditions and the second one for the scale-up. The key reaction parameters were optimized using one-factor-at-a-time and design of experiment methods, with the goal of minimizing the formation of the dichlorinated by-product. This transformation has been performed on a multi decagram scale.

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