Scalability of photochemical reactions in continuous flow mode

    • Kian Donnellya
    • Marcus Baumanna
    • aSchool of Chemistry, Science Centre South, University College Dublin, D04 N2E2, Dublin, Ireland

    Continuous flow photochemistry as a field has witnessed an increasing popularity over the last decade in both academia and industry. Key drivers for this development are safety, practicality as well as the ability to rapidly access complex chemical structures. Continuous flow reactors, whether home-built or from commercial suppliers, additionally allow for creating valuable target compounds in a reproducible and automatable manner. Recent years have furthermore seen the advent of new energy efficient LED lamps that in combination with innovative reactor designs provide a powerful means to increasing both the practicality and productivity of modern photochemical flow reactors. In this review article we wish to highlight key achievements pertaining to the scalability of such continuous photochemical processes.

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