Recent advances of microfluidics technologies in the field of medicinal chemistry

    László Ürge*, Jesus Alcazar, Lena Huck, György Dormán

    • * DBH Group, Budapest, Hungary
    • Janssen Research and Development, Toledo, Spain
    • Innostudio Inc., Budapest, Hungary

    Microfluidics, mesofluidics, and lab-on-a-chip technologies have been extensively researched in the pharma and life science industry over the last two decades, including synthesis of novel compounds and building blocks, medicinal chemistry support, biological screening, DMPK studies, and formulation and manufacturing of APIs and final products. These technologies can provide significant advantages over traditional methods and have the potential to revolutionize certain aspects of pharma R&D. The recent developments on the application of these novel techniques, their penetration in the industry, and their barriers for the further adaptation will be extensively discussed in this overview.

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