Teflon AF-2400 mediated gas–liquid contact in continuous flow methoxycarbonylations and in-line FTIR measurement of CO concentration

    • Peter Koos
    • Ulrike Gross
    • Anastasios Polyzos
    • Matthew O'Brien
    • Ian Baxendale
    • Steven V. Ley
    • Innovative Technology Centre, University of Cambridge, UK

    We report on the development of a continuous flow process for the palladium catalysed methoxycarbonylation of aryl, heteroaromatic and vinyl iodides and an aryl bromide using a Teflon AF-2400 based Tube-in-Tube reactor to mediate the selective permeation of carbon monoxide into solution at elevated pressures. The low volume of pressurised gas within the reactor (5.6 mL) offers the potential for an enhanced safety profile compared to batch processes. We also present preliminary results for the use of in situFTIR to measure solution concentrations of carbon monoxide and demonstrate the use of a second reactor to effect the removal of carbon monoxide from the flow stream.

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