Synthesis of RAFT Block Copolymers in a Multi-Stage Continuous Flow Process Inside a Tubular Reactor

    • Christian H. Hornung
    • Xuan Nguyen
    • Stella Kyi
    • John Chiefari
    • Simon Saubern
    • CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering, Victoria, Australia.

    This work describes a multi-stage continuous flow polymerisation process for the synthesis of block copolymers using the RAFT polymerization method. The process retains all the benefits and versatility of the RAFT method and has been adapted for a series of monomer combinations, including acrylates, acrylamides, and vinyl monomers. It resulted in polymers with molecular weights between 13500 and 34100 g mol–1, and dispersities typically between 1.21 and 1.58. Different architectures were prepared (including combinations of hydrophilic and hydrophobic blocks) which are soluble in a range of different solvents including aqueous and organic media.

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