ReactIR Flow Cell: A New Analytical Tool for Continuous Flow Chemical Processing

    • Catherine F. Carter1
    • Heiko Lange1
    • Steven V. Ley1
    • Ian R. Baxendale1
    • Brian Wittkamp2
    • Jon G. Goode3
    • Nigel L. Gaunt3
    • 1Innovative Technology Centre, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
    • 2Mettler-Toledo AutoChem, USA
    • 3Mettler-Toledo AutoChem, UK

    A newly developed ReactIR flow cell is reported as a convenient and versatile inline analytical tool for continuous flow chemical processing. The flow cell, operated with ATR technology, is attached directly into a reaction flow stream using standard OmniFit (HPLC) connections and can be used in combination with both meso- and microscale flow chemistry equipment. The iC IR analysis software (version 4.0) enables the monitoring of reagent consumption and product formation, aiding the rapid optimisation of procedures. Short-lived reactive intermediates can also be observed in situ, giving further mechanistic insight into complex transformations.

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