Multi-Step Synthesis by Using Modular Flow Reactors: The Preparation of YneOnes and Their Use in Heterocycle Synthesis

    • Ian R. Baxendale1
    • Søren C. Schou2
    • Jörg Sedelmeier1
    • Steven V. Ley1
    • 1ITC, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
    • 2LEO Pharma, Medicinal Chemistry Research, Denmark

    Multi-step in flow: The palladium-catalysed acylation of terminal alkynes for the synthesis of yne[BOND]ones as well as their further transformation to various heterocycles in a continuous-flow mode is presented. Furthermore, an extension of the simple flow configuration that allows for easy batch splitting and the generation of a heterocyclic library is described (see scheme).

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