Fully Automated Flow-Through Synthesis of Secondary Sulfonamides in a Binary Reactor System

    • Charlotte M. Griffiths-Jones
    • Mark D. Hopkin
    • Daniel Jönsson
    • Steven V. Ley
    • David J. Tapolczay
    • Emma Vickerstaffe
    • Mark Ladlow
    • GlaxoSmithKline Cambridge Technology Centre, Cambridge

    A fully automated flow-through process for the production of secondary sulfonamides is presented. Primary sulfonamides were monoalkylated using a two-step “catch and release” protocol to generate library products of high purity. The automated flow synthesis platform incorporates four independent reactor columns and is able to perform automated column regeneration. A 48-member sulfonamide library was prepared as two 24-member sublibraries, affording library compounds in good yields and high purities without the need for further column chromatographic purification.

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