Flow synthesis of organic azides and the multistep synthesis of imines and amines using a new monolithic triphenylphosphine reagent

    • Catherine J. Smith
    • Christopher D. Smith
    • Nikzad Nikbin
    • Steven V. Ley
    • Ian R. Baxendale
    • Innovative Technology Centre, Cambridge, UK

    Here we describe general flow processes for the synthesis of alkyl and aryl azides, and the development of a new monolithic triphenylphosphine reagent, which provides a convenient format for the use of this versatile reagent in flow. The utility of these new tools was demonstrated by their application to a flow Staudinger aza-Wittig reaction sequence. Finally, a multistep aza-Wittig, reduction and purification flow process was designed, allowing access to amine products in an automated fashion.

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