Fine chemical syntheses under flow using SiliaCat catalysts

    • Rosaria Ciriminna a
    • Valerica Pandarus b
    • François Béland *b
    • Mario Pagliaro *a
    • * Corresponding authors a Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati, CNR, via U. La Malfa 153, 90146 Palermo, Italy
    • b SiliCycle, 2500, Parc-Technologique Blvd, Québec, G1P 4S6 Canada

    After reviewing selected recent applications from diverse laboratories, we show how mesoporous organosilica-entrapped catalysts of the SiliaCat series have been successfully used for clean manufacturing of APIs in a number of different reactions carried out under laminar flow in microreactors. The advantages and disadvantages linked to these catalysts in terms of technical and economical sustainability are highlighted. Insight into the scale-up of this technique and related catalytic technologies from the lab scale to industrial production concludes the study.

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