A Gram-Scale Batch and Flow Total Synthesis of Perhydrohistrionicotoxin

    • Dr. Malte Brasholz1
    • Dr. James M. Macdonald1
    • Dr. Simon Saubern1
    • Dr. John H. Ryan1
    • Prof. Dr. Andrew B. Holmes1,2
    • 1CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies, Victoria, Australia
    • 2School of Chemistry, Bio 21 Institute, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Biologically valuable histrionicotoxin spiropiperidine alkaloids are found in the Colombian poison arrow frog Dendrobates histrionicus (shown on the cover). In their Full Paper on page 11471 ff., J. H. Ryan et al. describe efforts to synthesize an unnatural analogue, perhydrohistrionicotoxin, by combining conventional with microreactor techniques. (Photograph of Dendrobates histrionicus by Mauricio Rivera. Design by Martin Kowalski.)

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