A breakthrough method for the accurate addition of reagents in multi-step segmented flow processing

    • Heiko Lange1
    • Catherine F. Carter1
    • Mark D. Hopkin1
    • Adrian Burke2
    • Jon G. Goode2
    • Ian R. Baxendale1
    • Steven V. Ley1
    • 1Innovative Technology Centre, University of Cambridge, UK
    • 2Mettler-Toledo AutoChem UK

    In order to use segmented chemical flow processing in more complex reaction sequences, a method has been developed to precisely control the addition of reagent streams during multi-step operations. Using in-line infra-red monitoring with a new LabVIEW software application, it is possible to control additional pumps to dispense further reagents in real time based upon the concentration of reaction intermediates. This enables precise mixing with perfect timing thus greatly increasing product quality and enabling segmented chemical flow processing to be used in extended reaction sequences.

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