Preparation of Diorganomagnesium Reagents by Halogen–Lithium Exchange of Functionalized Heteroaryl Halides and Subsequent in situ Trapping with MgCl2·LiCl in Continuous Flow

    • Rodolfo Hideki Vicente Nishimuraa
    • Niels Weidmannb
    • Paul Knochel∗b
    • aColegiado de Ciências Farmacêuticas, Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco, Avenue José de Sá Maniçoba, Petrolina, 56304-205 Petrolina, Brazil
    • bLudwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Department Chemie, Butenandtstraße 5–13, 81377 München, Germany

    A halogen–lithium exchange in the presence of MgCl2·LiCl on a broad range of heterocyclic scaffolds using a commercial flow set-up with nBuLi as exchange reagent is reported. The resulting diheteroarylmagnesium species were subsequently trapped with various electrophiles, such as ketones, aldehydes, allylic bromides, or disulfides affording functionalized heterocycles. A scale-up was performed by simply increasing the run-time without further optimizations.

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