Photochemical Synthesis of Heterocycles: Merging Flow Processing and Metal-Catalyzed Visible Light Photoredox Transformations

    T Glasnov

    • Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz, Graz, Austria

    The ubiquitous presence of heterocyclic moieties in everyday life justifies the ongoing intensive research within the synthetic community to discover effective methodologies for their construction. As the social concern regarding environmental protection gains importance, the use of light as the ultimate green promoter for chemical reactions has been revived in the scientific community. Specifically, visible-light photoredox processes based on metal- and organic photosensitizer are attracting significant attention and have seen an exceptional advance recently.

    Additionally, continuous-flow processing has enabled a safer and more efficient generation of various heterocycles, whilst allowing their syntheses in a scalable manner. In this chapter, recent achievements in the area of continuous-flow aided photoredox synthesis are covered, including some general remarks on instrumentation, theoretical background and selected flow UV-photochemistry examples.

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