Online reaction monitoring with fast and flow-compatible diffusion NMR spectroscopy

    • Achille Marchanda
    • Rituraj Mishraa
    • Aurélie Bernarda
    • Jean-Nicolas Dumeza
    • aUniversité,CNRS, CEISAM UMR6230,F-44000 Nantes, France

    Online monitoring by flow NMR spectroscopy is a powerful approach to study chemical reactions and processes, which can provide mechanistic understanding, and drive optimisations. However, some of the most useful methods for mixture analysis and reaction monitoring are not directly applicable in flow conditions. This is the case of classic diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy (DOSY) methods, which can be used to separate the spectral information for mixture’s components. We describe a fast and flow compatible diffusion NMR experiment, that makes it possible to collect accurate diffusion data for samples flowing at up to 3 mL/min. We use it to monitor the synthesis of a Schiff base with a flow-tube with a time resolution of approximately 2 minutes. The one-shot flow-compatible diffusion NMR described here open many avenues for reaction monitoring applications.

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