Native Chemical Ligation–Photodesulfurization in Flow

    • Timothy S. Chisholm
    • Daniel Clayton
    • Luke J. Dowman
    • Jessica Sayers
    • Richard J. Payne
    • School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
    Native Chemical Ligation–Photodesulfurization in Flow

    Native chemical ligation (NCL) combined with desulfurization chemistry has revolutionized the way in which large polypeptides and proteins are accessed by chemical synthesis. Herein, we outline the use of flow chemistry for the ligation-based assembly of polypeptides. We also describe the development of a novel photodesulfurization transformation that, when coupled with flow NCL, enables efficient access to native polypeptides on time scales up to 2 orders of magnitude faster than current batch NCL–desulfurization methods. The power of the new ligation–photodesulfurization flow platform is showcased through the rapid synthesis of the 36 residue clinically approved HIV entry inhibitor enfuvirtide and the peptide diagnostic agent somatorelin.

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