Method for preparing caprolactam by using a microreactor under lewis acid catalysis

    Inventors:, Kai Guo, Xin Li, Zheng Fang, Kai Zhang, Qi Yu, Pingkai Ouyang

    • Assignee: Nanjing Tech University

    A method for preparing caprolactam by using a microreactor under Lewis acid catalysis, wherein a hydroxyl group in a cyclohexanone oxime is activated to obtain a cyclohexanone oxime sulfonates intermediate, then rearranged under Lewis acid catalysis to prepare the caprolactam. The method of this invention has a simple process and a high operation safety and selectivity, the reaction condition is mild, an efficient reaction can take place even at room temperature, the reaction time is short, the conversion of the cyclohexanone oxime can reach 100% within a short time, the selectivity of the caprolactam can reach 99%, the energy consumption is greatly reduced in the premise of maintaining a high yield, and the production cost is reduced, being an efficient and green and environmentally friendly method of for synthesizing the caprolactam.

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