Innovative Process Development of Pharmaceutical Intermediates Under Continuous-Flow System

    • Koji Machidaa
    • Hiroaki Yasukouchia
    • aPharma & Supplemental Nutrition Solutions Vehicle, Kaneka Corporation, Pharma Business Division Research Group, 1-8 Miyamae-cho, Takasago-cho, Takasago, Hyogo, 676-8688 Japan

    Continuous-flow processing has many advantages over conventional batch processing, including high process safety, productivity, and scalability. This emerging technology expands the possibility of synthetic chemistry into new areas. Recently, many researchers in pharmaceutical companies have increasingly tried to apply continuous-flow methodologies to their manufacturing process. Here, we introduce a safe and efficient plug flow reactor system for hazardous reactions and a simple and practical packed-bed reactor system for catalytic reactions by taking advantage of flow technology. Our flow systems showed that they apply to the synthesis of various pharmaceutical intermediates in good to excellent yields and are readily scaled up while increasing the process safety and efficiency. Furthermore, we designed and installed commercial flow reactors and successfully implemented large-scale productions using the facilities under GMP condition.

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