Flow Chemistry at the Extremes: Turning Complex Reactions into Scalable Processes

    • Andrew R. Bogdana
    • aAbbVie, Inc., Drug Discovery Science and Technology, 1 North Waukegan Rd, North Chicago, IL, 60064 USA

    The field of flow chemistry has expanded over the past number of years and is now being routinely used by the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Specifically, flow chemistry is being used to convert precarious batch processes into high-throughput flow processes. A few common themes emerge when analyzing the literature, specifically the use of temperature extremes as well as the generation/use of hazardous reagents. Advances in photochemistry have also permitted ultraviolet and visible light-mediated processes to be reproducibly run on scale. Applications of the aforementioned processes are discussed herein, with specific attention being paid to scalability.

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