Flow Biocatalysis 101: design, development and applications

    • Ana I. Benítez-Mateos
    • Martina Letizia Contente
    • David Roura Padrosa
    • Francesca Paradisi
    • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Bern, Freiestrasse 3, Bern (Switzerland)

    The integration of enzyme-catalyzed reactions in flow systems has been boosted during the last few years. Flow chemistry has been proposed in modern synthetic chemistry as a technology for process intensification. On the other hand, biocatalysis is officially recognized as a tool to increase reaction specificity and sustainability, however applications are sometimes characterized by low productivity. A logical step to improve the performance of biocatalytic reactions is represented by the combination of enzymes and flow facilities. This tutorial review aims at introducing the key concepts of flow biocatalysis, guiding the reader through its advantages and highlighting the current trends in the field to encourage innovative applications of enzymes in flow reactors.

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