Electrophilic Bromination in Flow: A Safe and Sustainable Alternative to the Use of Molecular Bromine in Batch

    • Reinout Van Kerrebroeck
    • Pieter Naert
    • Thomas S. A. Heugebaert
    • Matthias D'hooghe
    • Christian V. Stevens*
    • SynBioC research Group, Department of Green Chemistry and Technology, Ghent University, Coupure Links 653, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

    Bromination reactions are crucial in today’s chemical industry since the versatility of the formed organobromides makes them suitable building blocks for numerous syntheses. However, the use of the toxic and highly reactive molecular bromine (Br2) makes these brominations very challenging and hazardous. We describe here a safe and straightforward protocol for bromination in continuous flow. The hazardous Br2 or KOBr is generated in situ by reacting an oxidant (NaOCl) with HBr or KBr, respectively, which is directly coupled to the bromination reaction and a quench of residual bromine. This protocol was demonstrated by polybrominating both alkenes and aromatic substrates in a wide variety of solvents, with yields ranging from 78% to 99%. The protocol can easily be adapted for the bromination of other substrates in an academic and industrial environment.

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