Drug Discovery Automation and Library Synthesis in Flow

    • Paul Richardson1
    • Irini Abdiaj2
    • 1Pfizer Medicine Design, Pfizer, La Jolla, USA
    • 2Janssen Research and Development, Toledo, Spain

    The spiraling costs, competitive nature, and stringent timelines associated with Drug Discovery fuel investigations into new technologies that can potentially alleviate the pressures associated with these factors. Whereas advantages of the implementation of Flow Chemistry in the Development phase of a campaign appear obvious specifically toward the large-scale synthesis of the molecule of interest, in early Discovery it is often harder to justify the time to investigate/develop and validate enabling technologies particularly given the fact that there may be no near-term tangible return on this investment. The current chapter takes a detailed look at several case studies on innovative flow-based technologies developed to expedite the Drug Discovery process and evaluates the overall advantages/disadvantages of each approach as well as their overall sustainability in terms of potential uptake within the industry.

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