Dimethyl Fumarate: Heterogeneous Catalysis for the Development of an Innovative Flow Synthesis

    • Fabiana Dedè1
    • Oreste Piccolo2
    • Daniele Vigo1
    • 1Cambrex Profarmaco Milano S.r.l., via Curiel 34, 20067 Milan, Paullo, Italy
    • 2Studio di Consulenza scientifica, via Bornò 5, 23896 Lecco, Sirtori, Italy

    The present work describes the development of an improved synthesis of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dimethyl fumarate. The use of continuous flow technology and the newly developed methylation conditions solve some of the issues of previous commercial production strategies, e.g., reaching complete conversion and avoiding the formation of toxic impurities. The optimization was carried out using the design of experiment approach and afforded a very efficient, sustainable process, suitable for the industrial application.

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