A Continuous Flow Strategy for the Facile Synthesis and Elaboration of Semi‐Saturated Heterobicyclic Fragments

    • Nicola Luise
    • Eleanor Wyatt
    • Gary Tarver
    • Paul Graham Wyatt
    • University of Dundee, School of Life Sciences, DD1 5EH Dundee, UNITED KINGDOM

    An efficient hydrogenation protocol under continuous flow conditions was developed for the synthesis of underrepresented semi‐saturated bicyclic fragments containing highly sp3‐rich skeletons for fragment‐based drug discovery (FBDD) programs. Excellent yields were generally achieved by using Pd/C (10% w/w) and RaNi at 25‐150 °C under 4‐100 bar of hydrogen pressure. The generated fragments, with appropriate physicochemical properties, present diverse hydrogen‐bonding pharmacophores and useful vectors for their synthetic elaboration in the optimization stage. Successive, simple functionalizations in continuous flow were accomplished to demonstrate the opportunity to develop multi‐step continuous flow synthesis of valuable starting points for FBDD campaigns. A conclusive quality control (QC) was essential to discard those structures that do not fit typical fragment library parameters.

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