Application Note 3: Example: Scale-up SNAr using Single 12 mL Tubing Reactor


    The flow reactor was configured using a R4 Flow Reactor Module and 2 Knauer A120 high pressure pumps as shown in Figure 1. The pumps were connected to a 12 mL tubing reactor via a T-piece. Each pump was connected to the T-piece through a 100psi BPR. A ‘T’ pressure release safety valve fitted with a 250 psi BPR was fitted between the T-piece and the tubing
    reactor. The outflow from the tubing reactor was directed into either a 100 mL Duran waste collection bottle or into a 5L Duran product collection bottle filled with 4L of water, which was placed on a magnetic stirrer and stirred at approximately 600 rpm. A manual 2-position 3-way valve from used to direct the outflow to either ‘waste’ or collect. A 40psi BPR was connected in-line between the tubing reactor outflow and the selection valve.

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