A convenient, mild and green synthesis of NH-sulfoximines in flow reactors

    • Leonardo Degennaro1
    • Arianna Tota1
    • Sonia De Angelis1
    • Michael Andresini1
    • Cosimo Cardellicchio2
    • Maria Annunziata Capozzi1
    • Giuseppe Romanazzi3
    • Renzo Luisi1
    • 1 University of Bari, Department of Pharmacy - Drug Sciences, Bari, Italy
    • 2 CNR ICCOM, Department of Chemistry, Bari, Italy
    • 3 Politecnico di Bari, DICATECh, Bari, Italy

    NH-Sulfoximines are emerging as useful and important targets in drug discovery and synthetic organic chemistry. We report herein the development of an efficient, convenient, and sustainable continuous flow strategy, for the direct straightforward preparation of NH-sulfoximines using sulfides or sulfoxides as suitable starting material. The flow process uses PhI(OAc)2 as the oxidant and aqueous solutions of ammonia as the N-source. The scope of the reaction has been demonstrated by using several substituted sulfides and sulfoxides including enantioenriched and biologically relevant starting materials. The flow strategy was found more convenient with respect to conventional batch processing.

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