Inline analysis – FlowIR

There are two options for integrating FTIR into the Vapourtec R-Series system:

Alpha with R-Series flow chemistry system

Bruker Alpha:

Vapourtec have integrated the Bruker ALPHA FTIR Spectrometer into R-Series software. This new integration give users more flexibility and greater choice of inline analytics for Vapourtec users.

The ALPHA FTIR from Bruker makes FTIR analysis simpler than it has ever been before. With its plug and play operation, easy to set up and ease of use, ALPHA brings practicality to FTIR spectroscopy. The intuitive OPUS software interface is easy to use. The ALPHA is insensitive to vibration so can be moved without the need for alignment. ALPHA delivers excellent sensitivity as well as x-axis reproducibility and stability. The footprint of the ALPHA is 22 cm by 30 cm. The IR offers full FTIR sampling flexibility with user exchangeable QuickSnapTM sampling modules allow the analysis of almost any kind of sample.



Mettler Toledo:

In 2011 Vapourtec integrated the METTLER TOLEDO, FlowIR™.

The FlowIR™ is a in-situ FTIR system which enables a chemist to see the exact chemical composition of the output of their continuous flow reactor system in real time providing structural information across a wide range of functional groups/chemistry.

As a result of this integration:

  • Data from the FlowIR™ and ALPHA can be displayed in real time and logged by the Vapourtec R-Series software, along with other reaction data
  • Collection of reaction product peaks can be triggered automatically based on the values detected by the FlowIR™ and ALPHA in the output product stream

METTLER TOLEDO – Vapourtec – White paper

A white paper has been published as a result of the collaboration. to view the white paper please follow the link below.


Software integration

The R-Series software communicates with the Bruker Opus and Mettler Toledo iC IRTM software. The trends from the IR are displayed on a single chart along with the other reaction data charts (flow, temperature, pressure, reactor power consumption), and the predicted concentrations from the dispersion algorithm.

The trend data can be saved and viewed offline in the software away from the lab, or extracted to a spreadsheet for further analysis alongside other reaction parameters.

Triggering Product Collection

In March 2011, Vapourtec announced the facility to automatically trigger the collection of product peaks in real time based on the output of a UV detector placed in the product stream.

This same facility can now be used to define triggering criteria for capturing product output based on FlowIR™ data and ALPHA data.



More about the FlowIR™

The FlowIR™ in-situ FTIR system from METTLER TOLEDO enables a chemist to see the exact chemical composition of the output of their continuous flow reactor system in real time providing structural information across a wide range of functional groups/chemistry.

The small footprint allows the unit to be positioned virtually anywhere, maximizing it’s flexibility and minimizing it’s impact on the limited space available. The interchangeable FlowIR™ Sensors allow the user to quickly and easily swap sensor types to meet the application needs. No liquid nitrogen for detector cooling and lack of instrument purge also make this system the least complicated to use for synthetic chemists, while maintaining the high level performance expected by traditional ReactIR™ technology. Some of the key benefits that the FlowIR™ can bring to flow chemistry are:

  • Sub millimolar sensitivity – covers wide range of chemistry concentrations
  • Versatile software allowing real time monitoring of starting material, product and intermediates
  • Greatly assists in reaction understanding and optimization
  • Covers full spectral region with swappable diamond and silicon sensors
  • Allows stoichiometric reaction control (minimizes excess of expensive materials and reduces workup)
  • Detect process upsets instantly (improve product quality and loss of product)

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