Exciting launch of the innovative Stage 3 R-Series software with OPC-UA


    The Vapourtec team are delighted to announce the release of stage 3 of the R-Series application programming interface software package, a revolutionary new product launch that is at the forefront of technological advancements in the flow chemistry industry.

    Key features:

    • Run automated reactions configured with up to 8 pumps
    • Stand-alone pumps can be easily included in automated reactions
    • Pump options now include a continuous syringe pump
    • Gases can be added to automated processes using mass flow controllers
    • Includes advanced support for in-line analytical tools
    • Optional OPC-UA interface enabling seamless laboratory automation

    The new R-Series software has the ability for an application programming interface and can incorporate Python scripts to control the system using the OPC server. A “closed loop” optimisation platform can be established using the application programming interface. This is an exciting development that will provide seamless integration of the flow chemistry system into the AI laboratory of the future.

    Schematic Tool

    The R-Series software includes a flow chemistry experiment editor, which allows different elements to be assembled to create an experimental setup. Below are just a few examples of what this software can achieve.

    • flow-chemistry-schematic-1
    • flow-chemistry-schematic-2
    • flow-chemistry-schematic-3
    • Flow chemistry schematic 4

    Try our experiment editing tool here


    You can select a license level to meet your current needs and then upgrade at any time. The R-Series software is adaptable and runs on either a capacitive touchpanel display or Windows PC, depending on your preference. It is simple and straightforward to configure new hardware, pumps, mass flow controllers and other equipment using the intuitive modules app, making it straightforward to build on your pre-existing flow chemistry system.


    License levels available:

    • 2 pump license
    • 4 pump license
    • 8 pump license
    • Application programming interface package with OPC-UA server and Python example code


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