Vapourtec launches compact and flexible Peptide-ExplorerLT peptide synthesizer

    Vapourtec Peptide-ExplorerLT

    Vapourtec is excited to present the Peptide-ExplorerLT aimed at chemists looking to explore and optimise linear peptide synthesis.

    The new system, which produces the same high-quality peptides as Vapourtec’s existing Peptide-Explorer launched in 2020, features a more compact footprint and is available at a lower price point.

    Vapourtec CSO Dr. Manuel Nuño explained: “Peptide chemists can now access all the benefits of Fast Flow Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (FF-SPPS) at a price that is comparable with traditional, automated batch synthesisers.

    “Setting up a synthesis could not be easier. Simply enter the amount of resin and the loading, add the alphabetic amino acid sequence and the software will generate the optimised reaction protocol, including optimised methods for amino acids susceptible to racemisation and cyclisation.

    “The only limitation of the Peptide-ExplorerLT is its restriction to linear peptides, as it is not capable of automated side chain addition through the ‘normal’ route of solvent change and Mtt (4-Methyltrityl) group deprotection.

    “The Peptide-ExplorerLT can be easily upgraded to the Peptide-Explorer or Peptide-Scaleup with the simple addition of further modules and a software licence.

    “A key benefit is the reduced space required. The system is only 107 cm wide x 54 cm deep x 109 cm in height and these dimensions include space for solvent containers and waste,” added Dr Nuño.

    Three reactor sizes are available with maximum working volumes of 4 ml, 9.5 ml and 21 ml which provide synthesis scales in the range 0.05 to 1.0 mmol. The system also includes modern touch-screen software that incorporates a sequence generator and real-time presentation of in-line analytic data.


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