Recent Advances in Photodecarboxylations Involving Phthalimides

    • Saira Mumtaz
    • Mark J. Robertson
    • Michael Oelgemöller
    • James Cook University, College of Science and Engineering, Townsville, Qld 4811, Australia.

    Owing to their favourable photophysical and electrochemical properties, phthalimides undergo a variety of highly efficient photodecarboxylation reactions. These transformations have been applied to the synthesis of macrocyclic compounds as well as bioactive addition adducts. N-Acetoxyphthalimides are versatile precursors to imidyl and alkyl radicals through photodecarboxylation and have subsequently been used for a variety of coupling reactions. The generally mild reaction conditions make these reactions attractive for green chemical applications. The process protocols were successfully transferred to novel photoreactor devices, among these falling film or continuous flow reactors.

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