Continuous Flow Magnesiation of Functionalized Heterocycles and Acrylates with TMPMgCl·LiCl

    Dr. Trine P. Petersen, Matthias R. Becker, Prof. Dr. Paul Knochel*

    • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Department Chemie, München, Germany

    A flow procedure for the metalation of functionalized heterocycles (pyridines, pyrimidines, thiophenes, and thiazoles) and various acrylates using the strong, non-nucleophilic base TMPMgCl⋅LiCl is reported. The flow conditions allow the magnesiations to be performed under more convenient conditions than the comparable batch reactions, which often require cryogenic temperatures and long reaction times. Moreover, the flow reactions are directly scalable without further optimization. Metalation under flow conditions also allows magnesiations that did not produce the desired products under batch conditions, such as the magnesiation of sensitive acrylic derivatives. The magnesiated species are subsequently quenched with various electrophiles, thereby introducing a broad range of functionalities.

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