Expanding flowchem horizons at Cambridge conference

    RS-400 at dial-a-molecule

    Vapourtec research scientist Dr Ryan Skilton will be delivering a presentation focusing on new applications in flow chemistry at the forthcoming 8th annual European conference on Flow Chemistry in Cambridge (6-7 February).

    In addition Vapourtec who are corporate sponsors of the event, will also be showcasing their pioneering UV-150 LED photochemical reactor and the market leading R-Series flow chemistry system with an autosampler and in-line Raman detector at their booth at the event. The R-Series is considered the most versatile, modular flow chemistry system available today. Equipping it with a liquid handler creates a powerful, automated synthesis platform enabling the user to carry out; library synthesis, catalyst screening and peptide synthesis.

    The 2018 conference, organized by Select Biosciences, will focus on the the challenges for continuous flow technology in the production of fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
    Dr Skilton explained: “Chemists from both industry and academia are constantly expanding the scope and potential of continuous processing through their research, helped by the constant pace of technological innovation by companies such as Vapourtec.

    “In my presentation at Flow Chemistry Europe I’ll be taking a look at some of the recent and perhaps lesser known applications of flow chemistry from our own in-house lab, and from a mix of academic and industrial groups” added Dr Skilton who will be delivering his presentation at 12.15pm on the 6th February.

    To arrange a meeting at the event please Email Stacey Crane.

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