Dynamic flow synthesis of porous organic cages

    • Michael E. Briggsa
    • Anna G. Slatera
    • Neil Lunta
    • Shan Jianga
    • Marc A. Littlea
    • Rebecca L. Greenawaya
    • Tom Hasella
    • Claudio Battilocchiob
    • Steven V. Leyb
    • Andrew I. Cooper* a
    • a Department of Chemistry and Centre for Materials Discovery, University of Liverpool, Crown Street, Liverpool, UK
    • b Innovative Technology Centre, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, UK
    Dynamic flow synthesis of porous organic cages

    The dynamic covalent synthesis of two imine-based porous organic cages was successfully transferred from batch to continuous flow. The same flow reactor was then used to scramble the constituents of these two cages in differing ratios to form cage mixtures. Preparative HPLC purification of one of these mixtures allowed rapid access to a desymmetrised cage molecule.

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